WC 3-Cushion National Teams 2010-2015 in Viersen/Germany

In the years from 2010 to 2015, we were commissioned to produce photos of the World Three-Cushion Team Championships. At that time, there was no editorial coverage by us. It was not until 2016 that we were appointed as a full-service PR agency for all public relations.

Since then, this has included the production of the programme booklet in German and in English, the graphic editing of the event poster and the production of the sponsor wall.

Our tasks also include the production of bilingual press releases, which are sent to national and international print and online media and the UMB associations shortly after the respective event day. The quick handling of enquiries from media representatives worldwide is part of our work and a matter of course.

And last but not least: the production of numerous and high-quality photos. We put these online on the media site immediately after production so that they can be used directly for republication. Even faster, the most important photos are posted on social media – sometimes within minutes of a decision.

Media information

   Photo contributions are produced by the PR agency of the billiard magazine Touch in the name of the German federation Deutsche Billard-Union (DBU). 

The material may be used free of charge for re-publication under the name of the source TOUCH www.billard1.net, as long as it is not used commercially.

If high-resolution photos are required for press media, we will be happy to send them on request.

The results of the competitions you can find here: www.umb-carom.org.

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Unfortunately, there are very few photos from this year. During a backup in 2016, two hard drives crashed at the same time. One with the approx. 350 edited photos, the other on which the data was to be backed up – unbelievable and inconceivable. What a huge loss. 

Management: Achim Gharbi
Photos: Helga Ackermann
Editor: Jochen Maurer
Contakt: info@touch-magazine.net