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Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Dear friends of the sport of billiards,

Welcome to the 36th World Championship Three Cushion Teams in Viersen.

I am delighted that this event is now being held for the 33rd time in a row in the Festhalle in Viersen.

Over the four days of the tournament, a total of 16 two-player teams from all over the world will compete for the prestigious World Championship title in three cushion billiards, a type of carom billiards. Turkey will be competing again as defending champions, as will last year‘s runner-up Sweden.

Spectators can look forward to exciting competitions at the „Wimbledon of billiards“. These World Championships are the most important tournament of the year in the international calendar for top athletes.

I would like to thank the Deutsche Billard-Union for their great commitment to the organisation of this sporting event. In addition to the sponsors and partners, my special thanks go to the numerous volunteers who make a significant contribution to the organisation of such an event through their active support and personal commitment.

I wish all athletes and spectators exciting and successful competitions and a smooth organisation of the event.

Andrea Milz
State Secretary for Sport and Volunteering

The Festhalle Viersen is the hub of social and cultural life in our town. Its sound and lighting systems not only capture brilliant performances in music, theatre or dance, but have for decades also been used to showcase sporting events.

The Festhalle is once again set to be the stage for title-winning performances and the passion for a mesmerizing sport: three-cushion billiards, where national teams from all over the world will compete in March 2024.

National and international experts will once again line up their cues to set off caroms that will thrill countless longstanding fans and a growing number of new enthusiasts. The audience will witness top-level tactics, techniques and match strategies during the Billiards World Championships – followed live at the Festhalle and streamed around the world.

It is with great anticipation that I look forward to the 36th World Three-Cushion Billiards Championship, which will be hosted in Viersen for the 33rd time and will bring us the breathtaking performances of the billiards elite from March 21th to 24th.

Viersen welcomes the national teams with open arms. We value each other and the professional and informal atmosphere of the venue. I would like to thank the German Billiards Union for their cooperation and loyalty to Viersen, as well as the sponsors and the many helping hands for their support, without which this tournament would not be such a success.

Here’s to four eventful, fair and exciting match days!

Best regards,

Sabine Anemüller

Dear friends of the sport of billiards,

I am delighted that, thanks to the continued support of existing and new supporters, the Deutsche Billard-Union is able to continue organising the World Championship National Teams Three Cushion in 2024, 2025 and 2026.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those involved and this also gives me the opportunity to welcome you all back to Viersen.

My thanks also go to the organising committee, who will certainly make this tournament a great success once again.

It is always a great pleasure for everyone, from the players to the officials to the fans, to come together in this historic city; I look forward to seeing everyone there!


Farouk Barki
President UMB

Dear friends of the sport of billiards,

I am delighted to welcome you to this year‘s 36th World Championship National Teams Three Cushion.

The best athletes from 16 nations will be competing for the prestigious trophy and I would like to welcome athletes, officials and everyone interested in billiards to the competitions.

From 21 to 24 March 2024, the world will be looking to the Festhalle in Viersen for the 33rd time and can expect exciting encounters with excellent games.

Many thanks to the city of Viersen and the many sponsors for their support, without which it would not be possible to stage such an event.

My special thanks go to the organisers, the tournament management, the referees and the numerous volunteers who, with their tireless efforts in preparing and running the event, make a significant contribution to its success.

I hope that the athletes will achieve the desired success and offer the audience eventful competitions at the highest level.

I wish all visitors from near and far a pleasant stay in Viersen and let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful discipline of three cushion billiards over the four days.

Enrico Wahle
President DBU

Season tickets for all days cost 50 euros. Day tickets cost 15 euros for Thursday, 20 euros for Friday, and 22 euros each for Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets can be reserved for pick-up at the box office by calling the phone number 02162 101-121.

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