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Welcome to the Media Page of the World Championship 3-Cushion National Teams from 14 – 17 March 2019. On this page you will find a lot of information, photos and reports of the four-day billiards event of the Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB).

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

once again Viersen will be hosting the annual “Wimbledon of Billiard Sports“. For the 30th time in a row, from 14th to 17th of March, the World Championship in Three Cushion Billiard for National Teams will take place at the Festhalle

This alone is reason enough to celebrate, but actually there is more: The local company SAB Bröckskes from Viersen-Süchteln has thankfully come on board as the new main sponsor, ensuring that the World Cup will remain in Viersen for at least another five years.

So I welcome with great pleasure the world‘s very best billiard players from 16 nations to their most important international tournament! Top teams who compete with absolute virtuosity for the title as well as the enthusiastic audience and the extraordinary atmosphere make these four days a most special and exciting billiards event.

I welcome the top sportsmen and their families from all over the world, the coaches, the supervisors, the referees and the official representatives of the billiards sport and I look very much forward to seeing you all again. I thank the German Billiard-Union for the established, reliable and trusted cooperation in organizing the tournament.

I wish all our guests a lot of pleasure with this fascinating sport and at our extraordinary event.


Sabine Anemüller

Dear Sports Friends,

the 33rd World Championship Three Cushion for National Teams will take place from 14th to 17th March 2019 in Viersen for the 30th time in a row.

It is a highlight in the sports calendar of the Union Mondiale de Billard, which is not poor at top events.

A total of 16 teams will fight for the title of world champion and due to the constantly developing strength of the participating teams, exciting matches are expected.

Due to the commitment of the city of Viersen and the acquisition of new sponsors, the further hosting of the event in Germany has been secured and we look forward to the visits to the Festhalle in the coming years.

My thanks go to the large number of tireless helpers who will surely make this tournament a great success in the usual way.

I am glad to see you all in Viersen again.


Farouk Barki
President Union Mondiale de Billard

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
dear sports friends,

a warm welcome to the World Championship Three Cushion for National Teams 2019.

I am pleased to welcome you – athletes, officials or just friends of billiards – to the 33rd edition of this high-class competition, which will be held for the 30th time in a row at the Festhalle in Viersen.

From March 14 to 17, 2019, the world of billiards looks to Viersen. 16 teams from four continents will participate in the title fights this year – including defending champion Korea, surprise runner-up Austria and last year‘s two third-placed Turkey and Denmark. Exciting matches are guaranteed anyway.

Many thanks to the city of Viersen and the many sponsors for their support. My special thanks go to the organizers, the tournament management, the referees and the numerous volunteers who contribute significantly to the success of this World Championship by their commitment to the preparation and implementation.

I wish all participating athletes every success and, dear guests, a pleasant stay in Viersen. Let yourself be carried away by the fascination of Three Cushion in the next four days and experience
billiard as top-class sport live in the Festhalle!


Helmut Biermann
President Deutsche Billard-Union

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