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Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of billiards,

now for the 31st time in a row, the Billiards Team World Championships will take place in Viersen and again promises exciting competitions. After two years without World Championships due to the Corona pandemic, the „Wimbledon of billiards“ can now take place again.

The World Championships are the most important tournament of the year in the international calendar of top athletes. 16 national teams from all over the world will compete in Viersen and prove their skills. Defending champion Turkey has already confirmed its participation.

Billiards requires the highest concentration and precision. Three-cushion, a type of carom billiards, is considered one of the most difficult billiards variants. I wish the organisers that spectators will be able to follow the games live on site and support the teams.

I would like to thank the Deutsche Billiard-Union very much for their great commitment in organising this sporting event. I would also like to express my special thanks to the numerous volunteers who, through their active support and personal commitment, make a decisive contribution to realising such an event.

I wish all athletes exciting and successful competitions and the event a good course.

Andrea Milz
State Secretary for Sport and Volunteering

The joy of play and precision, both professionally combined, are what we regularly experience in our Festhalle Viersen on the 12 by 14 metre stage.

Now we can finally watch this fascinating pairing again on the comparatively small, yet exclusive tournament surfaces of 1.42 by 2.83 metres in the Festhalle: Clear the stage for the Billiards World Championship, the world championship in three-cushion for national teams. The tournament will start this March after the pandemic-related pause in 2020 and 2021.

We welcome top athletes from around the world in Viersen, who use cues and brains to create fascinating caroms. As the host city, we naturally include the support staff and accompanying family members in our anticipation of the tournament.

My thanks go to the German Billiards Union for the proven and trustful cooperation in organising this multi-day event.

Viersen has been hosting the top event in billiards since 1990. Sixteen competing national teams will play on the tables from 10 to 13 March for the 31st title that is to be awarded in this city.

I wish all the athletes a great time in Viersen, successful caroms, much effet and, above all, a varied game.


Sabine Anemüller

Dear Sports Friends,

It’s a great pleasure for all of us to be back after 3 years to the heart of our beloved sport “Viersen”, we are gathered in this quaint, unique and picturesque city of Viersen, which will host the “34th World Championship National Teams 3-Cushion” event for the 31th year, from March 10th to 13th, 2022.

With uncertainty surrounding the event over the last years it is with the hard work of the Viersen City Hall and the DBU that we have succeeded in keeping the tournament in its home “Festhalle Viersen”.

It’s always a great pleasure for everyone, from players to officials and fans to come together again in this historical city; I look forward to seeing everyone there!


Farouk Barki
Union Mondiale de Billard

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear sports friends,

a warm welcome to the World Championship Three Cushion for National Teams 2022.

I am pleased to welcome you – athletes, officials or just friends of billiards – to the 34th edition of this high-class competition, which will be held for the 31th time in a row at the Festhalle in Viersen.

From March 10th to 13th, 2022, the world of billiards looks to Viersen. 16 teams from four continents will participate in the title fights this year and the modified playing system will hopefully meet the expectations of fans all over the world. Exciting matches are guaranteed anyway.

Many thanks to the city of Viersen and the many sponsors for their support. My special thanks go to the organizers, the tournament management, the referees and the numerous volunteers who contribute significantly to the success of this World Championship by their commitment to the preparation and implementation.

I wish all participating athletes every success and, dear guests, a pleasant stay in Viersen.

Let yourself be carried away by the fascination of Three Cushion in the next four days and experience billiard as top-class sport live in the Festhalle!


Helmut Biermann
Deutsche Billard-Union